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MocoQueen Colored Contacts Introduces MQUnbox Contest, Celebrates Pride Month 2023

Colored contact lens company MocoQueen knows that to stand out as a brand, they must create a sincere and genuine relationship with those looking for top-quality cosmetic lenses. The MocoQueen mission statement is "enchanting people's eyes with the magic of colored contacts," and the brand makes sure that its diverse, vibrant, and affordable product lines have the perfect pair of contacts for everyone. As MocoQueen has earned more popularity as a colored contact retailer, they've been keen to pay close attention to their consumer base's interests, wants, and needs. Their contests, promotions, giveaways, and more have given MocoQueen enthusiasts a way to become more hands-on with the company through social media. Here's what MocoQueen fans can look out for in June 2023.

June is internationally recognized as Pride Month, celebrating the LGBTQIA+ community and its history. LGBTQIA+ influence has been a large part of creative outlets such as drag, cosplay, theater, or other forms of entertainment media that often incorporate the use of colored contacts. In honor of Pride, MocoQueen has introduced their Pride Month Special Edition contacts, the Anime Fairy Tale Rainbow Lenses. Per MocoQueen's official Instagram post, they highlight Pride on their profile. "Embrace diversity, spread love and acceptance. Together, we honor progress and support the LGBTQ+ community. Celebrate the beauty of love and strive for a more inclusive, equal world. Happy Pride Month! 🌈🏳️‍🌈," their Pride Instagram post caption reads. The Anime Fairy Tale Rainbow Lenses are $29.50 USD a pair and are available for purchase.

MocoQueen is also giving its followers the opportunity to win a free pair of contacts through one of their many ongoing giveaways. MocoQueen has been highlighting the MQUnbox Contest, asking followers to upload reviews of their contacts. Ultimately, this will help MocoQueen gather user feedback, improve their products, and share their appreciation for their consumer base. Up until June 30th, 2023, social media users can enter MocoQueen's official review and unboxing contest. All parties entering the MQUnbox Contest must be following MocoQueen through their social media of choice; then, they should use the hashtag #mqunbox to allow the company to view their video. Entrants are eligible to win free lenses worth up to $35.00 USD, and two winners are announced every week. MocoQueen will announce weekly winners on their Instagram every Friday until the end of June.

MocoQueen fans can keep in touch with the brand through their Instagram and Facebook pages, where they are constantly sharing news about giveaways, contests, and new contact lenses being added to the online shop. MocoQueen's products are eligible for free standard shipping within the United States with a return window of up to 14 days. Free shipping can be applied to U.S. orders when selecting 3 to 5 Business Days at checkout. All MocoQueen products are FDA-approved and each lens is registered with KFDA. Each contact kit includes lenses, tweezers, an application tool, and a step-by-step guide to colored contact care. MocoQueen advocates for sustainability and encourages all packaging to be recycled responsibly. Their entire product line can be found here.


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