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MocoQueen Celebrates Spooky Season With Halloween Contacts, MocoQueenHalloween Contest

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

With Halloween and haunting season rapidly approaching, the demand for the best cosplay contacts is at a yearly high. Colored contact lens brand MocoQueen has what it takes to perfect any Halloween costume, whether you're planning on going all out for the scares or keeping things casually cute yet creepy. In preparation for Halloween 2023, MocoQueen has brought back their yearly contest - MocoQueen Halloween - to encourage makeup artists, cosplayers, or anyone in between to share original content that celebrates the spirit of the season.

MocoQueen's 2023 Halloween contact line is teeming with an assortment of styles that are freaky and fashionable. Whether you're going for flat-out fights or something more subtly spooky, MocoQueen's catalog of colorful cosplay contact lenses is carefully curated to make you stand out this fall. For those on the hunt for a more extreme or dramatic look, MocoQueen offers larger contacts that create a fuller effect on the eye. 20mm sclera and mini sclera lenses are ghoulishly good when it comes to finding the contacts with the most dramatic appeal. The cosmetic contacts brand surpasses other Halloween contact lens companies through how detailed their holiday collection truly is. Their hyper-specification of these specialty lenses, such as UV Glow Mini Sclera 17mm contacts line, or their Triple Iris Monster Sclera 22mm Halloween Contacts, is part of what makes MocoQueen more of a memorable brand when it comes to how attentive they are.

Outside of MocoQueen's evergreen line of scary contacts that aren't just confined to the crisp autumn months, MocoQueen has intimated the return of their official #31DaysOfMocoQueenHalloween contest. The contest begins on September 25, 2023, and concludes on October 31, 2023. All entrants must post between September 25 to October 31 on YouTube, TikTok, or Instagram. There are no official guidelines as to what participants are expected to create while using MocoQueen contacts in their final looks but are asked to include the hashtags #MocoQueenHalloween and #31DaysOfMocoQueenHalloween in their posts. Additionally, all posts must mention @Moco_Queen in order to be eligible to win. If one would like to enter the MocoQueen Halloween contest, they must tag two friends in their post, and be following MocoQueen on social media. It is required that the name of the contact lens and character name be mentioned in the post caption. The prizes awarded to the MocoQueen Halloween contest winners are incredibly generous, including MocoQueen gift cards and the chance to win an iPhone 15. More information about MocoQueen Halloween can be found on their official Instagram page.

If you're looking for something more than just contacts for Halloween, or want to stock up on colored contacts to wear all year round, MocoQueen offers a diverse, vibrant, and versatile line of cosmetic contact lenses ranging from cosplay to everyday wear. As a company, MocoQueen advocates for sustainability and guides consumers through the steps to successfully recycle their purchase's packaging. All contacts are FDA-approved and each lens is registered with KFDA, meaning that every set of contacts is safe to use. Their entire product line can be found here, and you can take 10% off any MocoQueen contact lens purchase with discount code glass.


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