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Michael Keaton to Replace Ben Affleck As DCEU's Batman

The DC Extended Universe is on the mend as it plans to rebuild itself from the ground up, and the future of the comic book titan's cinematic run has a hopeful gleam in its eyes. Warner Bros. has profited from Wonder Woman 1984's release on streaming and in theaters and is strapped in for another victory once Zack Snyder's Justice League hits HBO Max.

Similar to the Marvel Cinematic Universe route, the DC Extended Universe is about to take the concept of the multiverse by full force. It is anticipated that the birth of this DCEU multiverse can be pinpointed in Andy Muschietti's The Flash (2022). The Flash will follow the trajectory of the Flashpoint story arc, where two Batmen - Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton - will share the screen.

The Direct notes that during an interview with Warner Bros.' head of movie production, the studio confirmed that more than one Caped Crusader will exist simultaneously. This was confirmed by the head of Warner Bros., Walter Hamada, in conversation with the New York Times.

Brooks Barnes, the journalist who penned the piece for the Times took the time to clarify who the second Batman would be, existing at the same time as Robert Pattinson's Batman, who will take on Gotham in The Batman (2022). Answering a fan's curiosity, Barnes was frank and to the point, replying with a single surname: Keaton.

Though there have been contrasting rumors afloat about the fate of Affleck's time as the World's Greatest Detective, it appears that he'll be hanging up his cowl sooner rather than later. It's unsure if The Flash will be Affleck's bow out from the role.

Warner Bros. is setting up Keaton for big things upon his return to the part as Affleck departs. Even with a year and a half to go before Keaton dons the Batsuit once again, there's still excitement buzzing around his comeback, and it looks like he's here to stay.

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