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Michael Keaton Rumored to Return as Batman for 'The Flash' Film.

The news on Ezra Miller's stand-alone Flash flick has been slim and bare-boned, but heads have turned after a rumor of Michael Keaton being in talks with Warner Bros. about his return to the DCEU.

Keaton first took on the mantle of the Dark Knight for Tim Burton's set of Batman films in 1989, with a sequel to follow in 1992, before the cowl was taken over by Val Kilmer and George Clooney. Ben Affleck was anointed as the most modern Caped Crusader, and Robert Pattison will carry the torch come 2021.


The upcoming Flash film will feature Miller as they return to their role of Barry Allen, and is assumed to follow a similar plotline seen in the Flashpoint arc. Placing itself in an alternative timeline, (one created by The Flash himself,) the entire DC Universe is shifted from what fans are most acquainted with - including Martha Wayne's downfall, leading her to become The Joker, leaving Thomas Wayne to take it upon himself to become Batman.


It may be a recycled cast of characters that could be seen on the Flash's solo roster and the everlasting game of cat-and-mouse between Joker and Batman will always be prized by DC. The rumors of Keaton's return bring about curiosities of his role at hand, where the outlook claims that he will be more of an influential mentor, comparable to Samuel L. Jackson's Nick Fury in the Marvel Universe, destined and fated to cross paths with plenty of heroes.

Story by: Annie Banks


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