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MCU Spider-Man Faces Delay to 2021

He does whatever a spider can, but he can't survive the pandemic-induced delay of his third film in his Homecoming trilogy: Tom Holland's triennial Spider-Man movie following Homecoming and Far From Home has been pushed back by a month's time with a new release date.

Sony has announced that untitled concluding piece to Holland's three-tier solo series will be sunk just four weeks deeper into 2021, and will swing onto big screens in December.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe rebooted the Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man after Holland made his grand appearance in Captain America: Civil War (2016). The masked menace then received a trine of his own, which captured Peter Parker in the peak of his youth and in his hero-civilian conflict.

Tobey Maguire was the only other on-screen Spider-Man to complete a cinematic solo run thanks to Sam Raimi, who will return to Marvel to direct the Doctor Strange sequel. Holland, whose third film still remains unnamed, will carry on the role through a three-part series - sorry, Andrew Garfield.

Through Variety, Sony announced that their third Marvel Spider-Man would release December 17, 2021, instead of November 5, 2021. The story is currently developing, but the release in the holiday timeframe will mean that this Spider-Man will be the first to Marvel film to premier during the Christmas season.

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