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Marvel's Helstrom to Host SDCC 2020 Panel

Conventions taking a major hit means closed doors for convention centers across the world, including the cancelation of the most popular, most famous Comic-Con to date: San Diego Comic-Con. Due to expos taking a pass on the 2020 convention season, conventions are migrating online, where showcases will be held digitally.


Marvel's Helstrom TV show put itself more in the public eye and ask for the attention it seeks at San Diego Comic-Con. Helsing, a Hulu original, will follow antihero siblings, children of a powerful serial killer, Daimon and Satana "Ana" Hellstrom as they set out to terrorize the worst in humanity.

Alongside Helstrom, Hulu announced Solar Opposites and Crossing Swords as series will step into the spotlight during Comic-Con@Home on July 22-26. Like other online expos and conventions, Comic-Con@Home will be free to attend and will host a number of interactive activities.

Helstrom does not have a set release date yet but is slated for a Hulu premier most likely in the fall. The show is predicted to appear on the streaming service's 'Huluween' lineup. Originally, it was to pair with a Ghost Rider series that was never picked up but would have offered a nice tie-in to the hellish theme.

Confirmed back in March, this new upcoming series will dip a toe deeper into Marvel's further unexplored universe and unlock more possibilities for the franchise. Fans can expect to hear more details about Helstrom at the end of July during Comic-Con@Home.

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