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Marvel's First Look at 'Heroes Reborn' is Here

Outside of a logo, Marvel didn't spill any other details upon their announcement that they would return Heroes Reborn in 2021. After letting the dust settle around the news, they've given a look at a few heroes (or villains) that are to appear in the storyline.

From a first glance at the art, it looks like Marvel is combining characters that have been already established through the comics, picking and choosing elements from each and bringing them together. It also seems like there is room for old characters to face new plotlines.

The first character shares distinguished characteristics of both Doctor Doom and Juggernaut, which could imply that they could be the new villain or anti-hero of the series.

A new female character has been noted as a cross between Scarlet Witch and Enchantress, or possibly Jean Grey and Quicksilver, in which both the color scheme, costume pieces, and the character's powers serve as a giveaway for the inspiration behind her.

A Peter Parker-like photographer is perched atop the Daily Bugel building, with camera in hand, while the subject of the photo is fleeing out of focus. There have been theories that the unseen character flying out of frame could be Hyperion.

A new Alpha Fight is seen being led by a variation of Wolverine, and in his company are Sasquatch, Shaman, Auror, and Red Guardian - or so it seems to be that way.

Thanos is pictured with the Infinity Stones with rings, that could be the Mandarin Rings. It seems like Thanos has only collected half, seeing that only five fingers are adorned with powerful jewelry.

The emphasis on "unique" for Phil Coulson's political campaign may insinuate that the storyline - using Clark Gregg's personification of the character - involves Life Model Decoys or impersonation androids.

Lastly, Reed Richard and Ben Grimm of the Fantastic Four are seen in a setting outside of their usual element. With Grimm bearing a notably large weapon, it looks like there will be a different narrative spun for the Fantastic Four within the Heroes Reborn books. Perhaps Grimm and Richards are to be Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D instead of members of the Fantastic Four.

Alongside Marvel's new take on Heroes Reborn, they've also made public that they will be revisiting the Clone Saga, one of the most controversial events in comics, with a Miles Morales spin. Marvel is looking to reconstruct some diverse stories and elements in their comics as of 2021, and it's suiting that they take on Heroes Reborn again. Heroes Reborn is set to release in 2021.

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