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Marvel CCO Unsure About 'Black Widow' Release Date

It's well known that WanaVision will be Marvel's first live-action project to reach screens since Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019), there will be still a few months before the Marvel Cinematic Universe could return to theaters.

Black Widow has taken the brunt of COVID-19 setbacks as the global pandemic is navigated and combatted. Though it was once the one to break in the new phase of the MCU, the future of the superheroine-centric movie is still uncertain yet.

It was confirmed by Marvel's president, Kevin Feige, that Black Widow would reclaim a new theatrical debut date on May 7, 2021, which would land the movie in theaters just a little more than a year later than planned. After talking to ComicBook about the movie's future and whether fans could still count on its cinematic premiere in May, Feige approached the situation with a realistic outlook.

“I mean, confidence is meaningless in today's world because nobody knows anything. Hope springs eternal. A year delay, you hope would be enough, there's a vaccine out there now. We'll see. I certainly hope so. I want to be back in the theater with people," Feige said.

While Feige sticks to a somewhat optimistic, less-than-confident answer, Marvel has not announced whether Black Widow would wave yet another white flag. Scarlet Johansson's stand-alone was to usher in a new era of the MCU, and with it, was to bring Eternals six months afterward. Now, with the shake-up of the Marvel slate, Black Widow could release a mere two months ahead of Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings (2021). If things remain stagnant for the MCU and their line-up, Feige welcomes these close releases for these movies. Black Widow is expected to release on May 7, 2021.

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