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'Loki' Theory: Each Episode is a Different Infinity Stone

This article contains spoilers for Loki: Season 1, Episodes 1-5.

There has been a theory floating around from a Marvel fan on TikTok suggesting that each episode of Loki Season 1 would represent a different Infinity Stone. The theory first started floating around when it was announced that the series would be only 6 episodes (a strange number for a tv series). Well, the more episodes we got, the more that theory seems like it could be a reality (pun intended).


Now, this theory will require you to suspend your disbelief a little, and obviously, there will be quite a lot of head-scratching to really embrace, but it's certainly worth having the conversation, given not only the color schemes of each episode but also the subject matter and plot details of each episode. ScreenRant helped paint a clear picture of the theory and put it into perfect terms.

EPISODE 1 (Soul Stone)

In Episode 1, not only does it feature a lot of oranges in the lighting and in the TVA jumpsuit (which is only really featured in episode 1) but it also deals with the question of, does Loki have a soul?

EPISODE 2 (Reality Stone)

In Episode 2, which is obviously bathed in red, we see Loki questioning what is real and who to trust.

EPISODE 3 (Power Stone)

In Episode 3, Loki and Lady Loki start discussing and using their powers heavily for the first time. Not to mention the obvious purple vibe.

EPISODE 4 (Mind Stone)

Episode 4 is a little more tricky, but the way I see it, not only is yellow featured throughout the episode, especially in the Timekeeper's cloaks, but it's the episode where Loki changes Mobius' mind and reveals the truth to him.

EPISODE 5 (Time Stone)

Episode 5 is kind of a no-brainer as we see Loki's throughout time and reality all converging in one place. Not to mention the obvious green hue.

EPISODE 6 (Space Stone)

First off, Episode 5 ends with a portal opening to the final dimension of the series and, since the series started with Loki using the Space Stone, it stands to reason it would end with that stone (at least that's what I think).


If this is the case and the series ends in a Representative Space Stone Episode, does this mean there will be even more portal openings? Will this episode open up the entire multiverse? Sound off in the comments section and let us know your thoughts.

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