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Kevin Smith Says Marvel Has Plans for Werewolf By Night

It seems like Werewolf by Night may be coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, even if it won't be through Howard the Duck.

Long-time Marvel fan Kevin Smith was once set to work on an animated Howard the Duck series for Hulu which was to tie into the M.O.D.O.K may be able to bring Werewolf by Nighy into the MCU. The supporting character of Moon Knight - as Marc Spector made his comic debut in Werewolf by Night #32 - was kept off-limits from Smith as it was reported that Marvel Studios had plans for the character.

"Two years ago when we announced, 'Hey, we're gonna be doing Masters of the Universe!' which is now about to happen, we also announced 'Hey, we're gonna be doing Howard the Duck!' over at Hulu, remember that?" Smith shared with fans.

"For a red hot minute, I was working on Howard the Duck and before Dave [Willis, Aqua Teen Hunger Force co-creator] involved, when it was just me, Jeph Loeb was like 'Hey man, I think you'd be good for Howard the f--king Duck.' I reached out to Walter Flanagan from Comic Book Men and told him I'm gonna take a stab at all the f--king 70s characters. Walt was giving suggestions and Werewolf By Night was absolutely on the list," Smith said during his latest episode of Fatman Beyond.

"In my head, as I started building my season, I was like, 'Alright. Episode 5. Werewolf by Night.' The idea of our story was that Howard was trapped here and he was trying to get pages of the Darkhold, which would allow him to go back. There's Howard as I'm laying it out and then I go into Jeph and told him what I wanted to do, and that's when they said 'You can't use Werewolf by Night,' and I asked why. They said the movie division was using him," he added.


Since the barriers between Marvel Studios and Marvel Television have been broken down and the two have been folded into one once Kevin Feige stepped up and Jeph Loeb stepped down, Werewolf by Night's MCU initiation may be a bit different than Smith's original plans for Jack Russell. In the meantime, Marvel introduced a new Werewolf by Night, a young Native American man from the Hopi tribe, Jake Gomez.

When and where Werewolf by Night will be seen next has not been set in stone yet, but Smith's news breaks surprisingly close to the announcement that Star Wars alumnus Oscar Isaac has been locked in to lead the Moon Knight Disney+ original series. With the rise of supernatural characters becoming more prominent in the MCU such as Wanda "Scarlet Witch" Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen), Mahershala Ali as Eric "Blade" Brooks, and now possibly Werewolf by Night, Marvel could be recruiting a team of the occult.

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