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Kevin Smith Says A 'Jay and Silent Bob' Cruise is Happening - Yes, Really

The level of immersive fan events has reached new creative heights over the years. From conventions and exclusive screenings to getaways with top talent, the entertainment industry has continued to invent new ways to connect fanbases with the names behind their beloved franchises. Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes of Jay and Silent Bob fame have announced their next fan-driven event that's headed abroad.

Jay and Silent Bob Present Cruise Askew will welcome passengers aboard the Norwegian Pearl as they head from Miami, Florida to Nassau, Bahamas. Brian O’Halloran, Marc Bernardin, Ralph Garman, Andy McElfresh, Jeff Anderson, Trevor Fehrman, and Jennifer Schwalbach Smith will be joining Smith and Mewes on their trip to the tropics. Fans will be treated to a Mooby's-themed pop-up eatery, a live reading of an unreleased version of Clerks III script, photo op and autograph sessions question-and-answer panels, exclusive screening events, live music, and more.

“As a man who's been afraid of sharks since he first saw Jaws in 1975, I'm gonna do my best to make sure none of us get eaten on the Cruise Askew! I'm also gonna go out of my way to make sure we all have a great time while on the high seas by loading the 3 days with any and all activities a fan of my flicks could want! I'll make it an experience folks will treasure - and all you have to do is bring your own booty!” Smith said in an official announcement, sharing more about Jay and Silent Bob Present Cruise Askew.

Jay and Silent Bob Present Cruise Askew is set to take to the seas on February 23-26, 2024. Ticket sales begin on March 31 at 10:00 a.m. EST, and pre-sale registration for tickets can be found here. Jay and Silent Bob Present Cruise Askew's ticketing system offers an array of price tiers, and the complete breakdown of the cruise's amenities as well as other Jay and Silent Bob-adjacent events are featured on the official site. The official site for the Jay and Silent Bob Present Cruise Askew shares information about the cruise itself, its schedule, the Norwegian Pearl, programming, and more prior to when the ship sets sail.

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