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Keanu Reeves Offered 'Kraven The Hunter' Role

Sony is continuing to grow their Spider-Man universe with a familiar, and popular, face.

It has been reported by ScreenRant that actor Keanu Reeves has been offered the role of Kraven, The Hunter in the solo film Kraven. The movie has been in the works at Sony since 2018, as the studio takes advantage of its array of characters to introduce into their Sony Pictures Universe of Marvel Characters or SPUMC, which has been accumulating a variety of comic book heroes, villains, and those who lie in between.

Kraven, The Hunter debuted as a Spider-Man villain in The Amazing Spider-Man #15, and from there, became a prominent foe. Kraven, a big game hunter with superhuman senses, gained his abilities after consuming a potion shroud in mystery. In order to uphold his status as the greatest hunter in the world, he took it upon himself to hunt down the Masked Menance himself.

Fans have been looking forward to and predicting the appearance of the hunter, there's a chance that Reeves could join the ranks and earn his own Spider-Man spinoff much like fellow actor Jared Leto, Tom Hardy, and Woody Harrelson. Details from Sony are few and far between, as neither the studio nor Reeves has addressed the casting, let alone the film's development, but according to ComicBook and The Illuminerdi, Sony has extended an "official offer" for the role.

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