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'Justice League Dark' Still in Development at HBO

Branching away from the big screen and trading in for small, DC Comics are finding a new home for their adaptations through HBO Max, and one of their most buzzworthy adaptations is still in the making.

Justice League Dark, which will be created by J.J. Abrams, has still been confirmed to be in the process of development. After it was announced last April as a part of Abrams' deal with WarnerMedia, details have been scarce. That being said, the scarcity is nothing to be wary of.

Fans who are eager to dive deeper into a live-action exploration of this corner of DC, as after years of reiterations of the team through animated means, the consummation of live-action has not yet happened up until now. HBO Max executive Kevin Reilly told Business Insider that Abrams himself had pitched the series. "Yes, he's always loved it," Reilly told Business Insider last May. "He always felt that there was a lot of opportunity there and an explored territory, and kind of a pond that he could play in exclusively."

Rumors of stand-alone shows for Zatanna and Constantine could also assist in fleshing out the introduction for Justice League Dark in a new format, as they are two characters most commonly associated with the team. This won't be the first time that John Constantine will be seen in live-action, as he was played by both Keanu Reeves in 2005 and then Matt Ryan in 2014.

Abrams is teaming up with Bad Robot to take on WarnerMedia, which will set them as keynote players for Justice League Dark. Studio executives confirmed that when the Justice League Dark pitch was presented, that it was only the beginning of Abrams and his team's plans.

"What an amazing start to our association with the wildly imaginative Bad Robot team under J.J. and Katie," former HBO Max chief Kevin Reilly said during the show's initial announcement. "What could be better than an original J.J. idea and then Warner Bros. letting them loose on iconic IP from Stephen King and the DC Universe and to provide more must-have programming on HBO Max."

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