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Is The Last of Us: Part III On The Way?

After the leaked plot leaks surfaced on Reddit  from The Last of Us Part II, Naughty Dog encouraged those who dared to read further into the game-sensitive information to turn a blind eye and look away out of fear of spoilers. However, Part II may not be the last we see of The Last of Us.

It was announced by Naughty Dog’s creative directors that the game studio’s undisclosed new project may be a third leg of The Last of Us. The game franchise was released in 2013 from Sony for the PlayStation3, and has been ranked one of the popular games by consumers, as the series runs deep with rich lore and interactive game play.

The Last of Us Part II plans to hit the shelves of digital markets from Sony next week, and is highly anticipated by those who have grown fond of the series. Naughty Dog Creative Director Neil Druckmann hinted in an interview with GQ that there may be a third The Last of Us on the way, or perhaps, consider a whole new IP instead. He then goes on to say that with the encroaching release date for The Last of Us Part II, that Naughty Dog needs to start considering their next big project. Nothing has been confirmed nor denied by Drunckmann, yet. 


The Last of Us Part II will follow the story of Ellie (Ashley Johnson)  and Joel (Troy Baker)  five years after the original game’s plot, and players will take on the role of Ellie while navigating their own survival in an eerie post-apocalyptic America. Players will be challenged to use their wit and their instincts to defend themselves through an ever-gritter plot. 

Even if the series decides to avoid the route of a trilogy for this series, The Last of Us will still be represented in a series by HBO. The television adaptation will feature collaboration from some that worked on Chernobyl, another appraised series that followed the events of the aftermath of the nuclear plant’s demise in Soviet Ukraine. 

With rumors afloat, things are still unsure and unclear about what Naughty Dog will do and how they proceed to plan their next game slate with Sony Entertainment. The Electronic Entertainment Expo, otherwise known as E3, may have given curious, eager fans a way to have their questions answered, or teased even more at another part so soon, but due to COVID-19 caution, the well-attended gaming convention was unable to open its doors in 2020. 

Through thorough storytelling, endearing character arcs, and immersive gameplay, there is no reason why The Last of Us’ legacy should end with a second part. If Naughty Dog and Sony Entertainment do proceed with another installment to their critically acclaimed series, there is no doubt that their decision would be met with unwavering excitement as the second act of the series leaves brows raised and provides the answers to the questions that leave the fandom searching for more. The Last of Us Part II releases on June 19, 2020. 


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