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Here Are The Top 5 Best Contacts for Cosplay

The practice of wearing cosmetic contacts is popularly used in cosplay, costume, haunt, performance, makeup artist, and drag communities - to name only a few -and finding a dependable brand with a consistently positive reputation is an ongoing battle. The are hundreds of brands and companies that insist that they're the ones who have top-quality products, whether it be for everyday wear or for something more elaborate. While there's such a high volume of online cosplay contact retailers to choose from, a handful of brands stand out among the rest. Here are the five best contacts for cosplay, and where to buy them.

1. Moco Queen Colored Contacts

Moco Queen earned the trust of its consumers after establishing itself as a standout company that dares its competitors to keep up. High satisfaction rates, interest in building relationships with their consumers, and unbeatable quality of their products have established MocoQueen as a cosmetic contact retailer worthy of praise. The lenses are easy to wear and feel incredibly light when sitting on the eye. Their irises are vibrant and richly pigmented, and these contacts cover dark eyes as fully as possible without obscuring eyesight. Additionally, the online storefront has contacts for every occasion, ranging from niche character designs to natural colors for casual contact users. Moco Queen offers hundreds of contacts that are designed to meet each consumer's individual wants or needs, and are constantly improving their product. Lenses are a couple of dollars more expensive than competitors, but the fast shipping and impressive quality of the lenses justifies the premium price point. The brand is mindful of those who do need prescription lenses and has hundreds of contacts that can be adjusted to individual eye strengths. Per the virtual storefront's footer, all materials are FDA-approved and each lens is registered with KFDA. Each contact kit includes lenses of choice, lens tools, and a step-by-step guide to colored contact care. All orders inside the United States are given free shipping that is quick and reliable. Their entire product line can be found here, and take 10% off any MocoQueen contact lens purchase with discount code glass.

2. Uniqso

One of the most popular contact lens stores for cosplayers and other creatives, Uniqso has become a well-known multi-industry brand. Uniqso has crafted a broad range in its line of contacts, which challenges how in-depth the detail on cosmetics can be. They break down their shop offerings to guide contact users to the perfect fit for them, whether it be a lens designed with a certain effect in mind or a personal preference that comes down to the niche nuances that make every product unique. Uniquso also sells wigs, false eyelashes, and other cosplay accessories that pair well with colored contact lenses. Uniqso is also keen on optical sensitivities: they offer clear contacts with blue light-blocking technology and design certain products that are specifically for those with astigmatism. While Uniqso has fairly affordable prices on its lenses, one estimated shipping window can take up to 30 to 40 days. There are other options, but these shipping tiers have their own sets of pros and cons, including the risk of the package being lost, delayed, or higher prices for premium shipping. You can shop from Uniqso here.

3. HoneyColor

HoneyColor, much like its competitors, specializes in anime, cosplay, and costume-orientated contacts. They also provide diverse opinions of natural-looking lenses for those who aren't on the hunt for a more exaggerated look, but something more subtle. When breaking down their anime contacts, HoneyColor understands that creatives may be on the hunt for very specific lenses. They make it incredibly easy for cosplayers to get exactly what they're looking for, but there have been reports of HoneyColor contacts blocking vision when being worn. While HoneyColor has an incredible amount of color and style options to choose from, it's wise to check the reviews to make sure that the product is accurate to the description on the site. All shipping is free when you spend $50.00 or more - though it may take some time before you get your contacts. If you're looking to draw more attention to your lenses, HoneyColor also sells glasses to add an extra pop of style to any look. Check out HoneyColor's product lines here.

4. Pinky Paradise

Pinky Paradise is one of the oldest cosplay and cosmetic contact lens brands in the industry after first launching in 2006. While the online lens retailer does offer more intense and bold lenses, including anime and franchise-specific contacts, the brand spends more time prioritizing natural-looking circle lenses that provide a wash of color over the user's eye. Their unique line of "theatrical" colored contacts challenges creatives to go bold with how they choose to optically accessorize, but are not as practical when being compared to their competitors' stock. Pinky Paradise offers free shipping on most international orders with the exclusion of select countries; however, shipping time may take as long as a month if consumers opt for free shipping in the United States. Other shipping tiers come at a premium. You can find Pink Paradise's contacts here.

5. ColouredContacts

ColouredContacts has been known for its low prices and dependable customer service. While there have been some concerns around people with dark eyes noting that these contacts aren't exactly natural-looking, and these lenses are better suited for those with lighter eyes. The company's prices are much lower than other brands, and ColouredContacts often offers a promotional discount, where if three pairs of lenses are purchased, consumers will only be charged for the price of two. These inexpensive lenses are a great option for single-wear use. ColouredContacts users have noted that shipping speeds are impressive, but free shipping is only available in the United States with a purchase of $60.00 USD or more. For those who are looking for more generalized contacts and don't need hyper-specific details on their lenses, ColoredContacts has a vast variety of generic cosmetic lenses for cosplay, haunted attractions, makeup looks, or anything in between. Check out what ColouredContacts has to offer here.

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