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Hayley Atwell Cast as Lara Croft for 'Tomb Raider' Anime

Lara Croft has always been the beating heart at the center of the Tomb Raider franchise through its multitude of forms throughout media. She's been the face of the series through its games, its films, and now an anime of its own. Netflix and Legendary Television have teamed up for the anime series that will feature the voice talent of Hayley Atwell.

Tomb Raider has captivated the world of video gaming for over two decades since its initial release. While it keeps its beloved main protagonist at the heart of the series, the series continues to grow and evolve with the world around it. Fresh stories and fresher newcomers to the series enliven the saga while staying true to its roots. The Witcher: Blood Origin writer Tasha Huo has been appointed as the series writer and as the show's executive producer.

The show's official logline shares that "Lara Croft, one of the video game world’s most iconic adventurers, makes her anime debut in an all-new series. Picking up after the events of the highly successful Tomb Raider video-game reboot trilogy, the animated series will chart the globetrotting heroine’s latest, greatest adventure. Twenty-five years after her first game appeared, Lara continues to explore new territory."

Tomb Raider has sold 84 million copies of its video games and has won seemingly just as many awards for its gameplay and gameplay elements. The anime series was first announced in January and will pick up in continuum after where the series' first game as Croft ventures on. The Square Enix action-adventure games share titles with comic books and three feature films that build upon Croft's story through the ages.

Atwell's most popular credit remains to be her role as Agent Peggy Carter through various Marvel Studios productions, most recently in the pilot episode of What If...?. She has appeared in other titles such as Christopher Robin, The Duchess and Brideshead Revisited, and Blinded By the Light. She's established through her portrayal of Agent Carter that she can play the strong, female lead with natural ease, and now Atwell will do it again in Tomb Raider.

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