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'Harley Quinn' Season 4 Renewal Allegedly Confirmed

Following the unprecedented cancellation of Leslie Grace's Batgirl film and the anxiety looming over the future of Warner Bros. Discover's DC Extended Universe future, fans of the superhero franchise are waiting to hear which decisions will be made regarding ongoing and upcoming content related to the DC Comics brand. Rumors indicate that DC Films President Walter Hamada is planning his departure from the studio following the release of Black Adam in October as the executive choice to shelve Batgirl nearly served as his stopping point.

James Gunn's adult animated HBO Max original Harley Quinn follows the titular Dr. Harleen Quinzel from a less-censored point of view, leaning into the more brash side of Gotham City's siren/ She, in the company of other Batman villains (backed by an impressive voice cast), create chaos while riffing off of the image of DC Comics and DC Films. The animated series initially aired in 2019 and has since entered its third season with intentions to venture into further installments of the TV-MA Batman-inspired series. Harley Quinn still has some of Season 3 left to explore, though a recent document on the Entertainment Identifier Registry indicates that an unannounced Harley Quinn Season 4 is slated for 2023.

Attached to the Registry, these dateless and unordered episode titles are as follows:

Getting Ice Dick, Don't Wait Up

Gotham's Hottest Hotties

Icons Only Icons Only

Il Buffone

Most Culturally Impactful Film Franchise


Business Conference Without Chlamydia


Potato Based Cloning Incident

Killer's Block.

It's unclear if these are working titles as it is alleged that Harley Quinn Season 4 could be in production and each episode title is subject to change at the will of Warner Bros. Discovery. No official announcements hailed from the studio, but Warner Bros. Discovery entered the EIDR documentation themselves. The news of a Harley Quinn Season 4 would mark the animated series as one of the DC projects spared by the ongoing merger between Warner Bros. and Discovery, which has left questions about DC Films' future in its wake. Harley Quinn showrunner Patrick Schumacker's comments on the future of Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy's relationship have a hint of promise for rumors swirling around Harley Quinn Season 4 to be true. If Harley Quinn does ultimately conclude in its third season, rest is assured for the fate of the central couple's fate.

"Harley and Ivy will never break up in the series as long as we have a say. That’s something that we never want to touch again," Schumacker said in an interview with the A.V. Club according to Pink News. Justin Halpern chimed in with similar assurance. “We’re never going to break them up in the show,” Halpern said. “Harley will never backslide with the Joker. They will go through… they will navigate rocky waters, but they’ll always be solid.” All three seasons of Harley Quinn are now streaming on HBO Max.

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