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'Ghostbusters Afterlife' REVIEWS: It's "Very Good"

We've heard for months that the newest Ghostbusters film, Ghostbusters Afterlife, was awesome and that Sony Pictures was extremely happy with it. Well, that seems to be the case because Sony hosted a surprise screening at this week's CinemaCon and the response was quite good.

Ghostbusters Afterlife hits theaters on November 11 and fans are chomping at the bit for the latest installment in the Ghostbusters franchise. In a surprise move, the folks at Sony Pictures screened the film to the attending audience at CinemaCon this week. CinemaCon, if you were unaware, is a 4 day tradeshow put on by NATO (The National Association of Theater Owners) and is where studios share their upcoming projects with theater owners from across the globe.

While the critics in attendance at the surprise screening are not permitted to give actual full reviews of the film, they were allowed to post their reactions on social media, and the reactions are pretty darn good (not amazing, but certainly positive).

Here's some of the first reactions, courtesy of the folks at Collider.


So what do you think? Do these reviews move your nerd needle one way or another? Will you be seeing Ghostbusters Afterlife? Sound off in the comments section and let us know.

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