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Georgia Wants to Lead Hollywood and Return to Production

Breaking back into the new normal is life isn't easy for the average person, but for the entertainment industry, the test of time is wearing away at high-profile projects that have been set on the backburner for an alarming amount of time.

Pinewood Studios, a sprawling production film studio outpost, famously rooted in Atlanta, Georgia has donned the responsibility to kick Hollywood's finest back into high gear.

Marvel, Netflix, and Universal are among the bold studios willing to take the plunge and risk returning to work. Georgia has faced a record-setting spike in COVID-19 with 3,000 new cases reported on July 1. This doesn't seem to scare off these top-shelf names.

Marvel plans to resume filming Loki and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier., and anticipate resuming as soon as August. Netflix will film their new comedy-thriller Red Notice and will shoot the fourth season of Stranger Things. Universal will move forward with their theatrical take of Dear Evan Hansen. Amid these large titles, the Atlanta-based filming location will host 40,000 production workers across the span of 75 different productions.

Georgia's open-air atmosphere and well-distributed locations take the upper hand over densely populated filming locations such as Chicago, Los Angeles, or New York, and the state seemed more than eager to get their foot in the door, ready to take the leap forward. The state of California trails significantly behind Georgia in their quest for a healthy recovery, and Atlanta aims to be at the very front of the return of TV, film, and streaming series production. It is hoped that their example can be followed for bigger entertainment hubs.

"We've put a whole lot of thinking into how we should do this safely, and I think we're going to learn and iterate a lot in the next few months in terms of how these protocols work," Pinewood president Frank Patterson, and a whopping total of $1 million has been invested into assuring that set personnel will be protected as best as they can be. With precautions in mind, it seems that the state of the entertainment industry is itching to start up again and a breakthrough is predicted to hit by the end of the year.

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