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'Game of Thrones' Voted as Best Show of 21st Century

Based on the wildly popular novels by George R. R. Martin, HBO's Game of Thrones has been voted by fans as the greatest television show of the century - despite what they may say about the finale.

Cashing in for a number of awards and critic accolades from 2011 to 2019, Game of Thrones is known for its consistency of high fantasy and relatable, memorable, and well-grounded characters. Striking the mid-2000s as a cultural inferno, HBO's series was quick to cultivate a cult-like following of dedicated fans.

Martin watched his live-action series pass up his admittedly delayed books (which he now invites fans to imprison him because of how far back he fell). Due to the lack of published material to rely on, the Thrones team was faced with taking creative control into their own hands. This caused some serious backlash from both Thrones diehards and critical eyes alike.

DigitalSpy reports that Thrones surged to the top of their poll, stretching above other ferociously defended and beloved series such as Breaking Bad and Cherynobl. Other competitors that proudly landed themselves among the top five were Doctor Who, Stranger Things, and Sherlock.

Though the onslaught of negativity due to the concluding season may be tempting to dip into, the poll evaluated each show as a whole. Game of Thrones paved the way for complexities in television by unlocking doors for new possibilities. Pushing past its shortcomings, HBO's original series is more than worthy to take the crown - and the throne.

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