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Full Length 'Halo' Trailer Drops During Sunday Night Football

The long awaited new Halo series hits Paramount+ this March and the streamer dropped a new trailer this weekend during the NFL Championship games.

Set in a timeline different from the one fans are familiar with in the game, the new Halo series on Paramount+ will focus on the dubbed “the Silver Timeline,” named so because Master Chief (Pablo Schreiber) will have a new team of Spartans by his side rather than his fairly well established Blue Team members Linda, Fred, and Kelly from the expanded media.

Fans have waited for years for a proper Halo film or tv series and, while it may not follow the exact storyline fans are used to, it certainly checks all the Halo boxes, complete with The Master Chief, The Covenant and, of course, Cortana played by Jen Taylor.

So, what do you think about the new Halo trailer? Is it everything you were hoping for? Find us on Twitter or Instagram and sound off.


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