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Fan Expo Chicago: Videographers, Photographers Wanted for 2023 Convention

The longer conventions, trade shows, and expos have become staples in fan culture, the more they've seen themselves evolve into a spectacle. They've taken new forms when adapting to the landscape of pop culture entertainment, the infinite reaches of fandom, and the boundlessness of creativity that settles in the heart of every fan base. Comic conventions and expos in particular have turned into a mass media playground, allowing creators from diverse backgrounds to take advantage of what event has to offer them. The high volume of visual art - primarily cosplay, and other forms of fan interaction - have since caught the attention of photographers and videographers eager to capture a single moment and immortalize it through photo or video recording.

Fan Expo conventions and their subsidiary events have become hotspots for visual artists looking to highlight the best of what they have to offer. Formerly Wizard World, Fan Expo HQ's long history of shows has brought together millions of fans on an international level, all while encouraging the practice of photography and videography on convention grounds. Now, Fan Expo HQ has looked to its fan community when searching for show floor content creators. Fan Expo Chicago 2023 is expanding its creative team - and wants local talent at the heart of it all.

All interested parties are required to fill out application forms that share an overview of their skill, ability, and background in the industry. There is a requirement to submit a daily rate of pay in USD or CAD, and they must share the number of years' worth of experience with Fan Expo HQ. Both videography and photography applicants should include a demo reel, portfolio, or examples of work. If the applicant doesn't have media published online that can be accessed through a web browser, they are welcome to upload any saved files from their devices. Equipment will not be provided, and contractors will use their own supplies when working at Fan Expo Chicago 2023.

Videographers should be prepared to capture footage filmed at 4K 60FPS and must capture all footage from a shot list provided by Fan Expo HQ. Videographers will then submit unedited footage to the marketing coordinator on a scheduled basis. Raw footage will be edited by Fan Expo HQ's on-site editor to create daily recaps of Fan Expo Chicago 2023 on a day-by-day basis. Videographers will be on-site one hour before the event opens to the public each day and will remain present for the duration of show floor hours (with breaks). After the show has closed to the public, they will meet with Fan Expo Chicago representatives to review assignments for the following day and transfer video files. Applications for the videographer role can be submitted here.

Similarly to videographers, photographers will remain to be responsible for their own equipment and are expected to turn in high-resolution unedited photos at the end of each day. They will then submit edited images within one week of Fan Expo Chicago 2023 concluding for the weekend. Photographers will be tasked with capturing all of the images outlined in the shot list provided by Fan Expo HQ. Photographers will be on-site one hour before the event opens to the public each day and will remain present for the duration of show floor hours (with breaks). They will then stay after show floor hours conclude to review plans for the next day and transfer image files to the Fan Expo Chicago team. Applications for the photographer role can be submitted here.

Ticket sales for Fan Expo Chicago 2023 are officially live. Fan Expo Chicago will return from August 10 to August 13, 2023, at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, Ill. More information about Fan Expo Chicago 2023 will be shared through an official newsletter that can be subscribed to here, and new updates about the convention are accessible through their official Facebook Page.


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