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Fan Expo Chicago 2024 Dates Revealed

The reprise of Fan Expo in Chicago successfully drew in convention-goers from around the United States to unite in fandom through a four-day celebration of pop culture. Formerly Wizard World, Fan Expo Chicago revamped the foundation that was left behind by the comic-con, expanding on what made the convention company's events so exciting from years past. The late-August 2023 convention was a significant step up from Fan Expo Chicago 2022, and the show played to its strengths upon its return to Chicagoland.

Those who attended the convention were impatient to know when Fan Expo would return to Chicago, looking forward to when they'd be able to indulge themselves through their love of geekdom once again. Though the 2023 show was a day longer than Fan Expo 2022, convention attendees know that these days move fairly quickly. Fortunately for them, the Fan Expo HQ team was prepared to share the news they'd be looking forward to hearing - Fan Expo Chicago will return.

Shortly after the fan-centric event drew to a close, Fan Expo HQ shared a post on their official social media pages that informed eager attendees about the 2024 convention. Fan Expo Chicago will return from August 16th to August 18th, 2024. Though the first Fan Expo Chicago was a mid-July convention, it feels as if Fan Expo Chicago is setting itself up to become an annual August show, similar to how Wizard World reappeared in Rosemont each late summer.

Fan Expo Chicago 2024 already has its show floor hours planned out as it reverts back to a three-day convention and will take place at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, Ill. Tickets for Fan Expo Chicago 2024 are now on sale; updates will be shared through Fan Expo HQ social media pages and through the convention's official newsletter.

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