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Fan Expo Chicago 2022 to Present Masters Of Cosplay Grand Prix: The Windy City Qualifier

Fan Expo Chicago prepares to introduce Fan Expo conventions to the Midwest as it celebrates 50 years of pop culture and entertainment media. Comic conventions and expeditions are a prime place to celebrate the more creative side of fandom and welcome convention attendees to visit the show in cosplay. Cosplay artists are hobbyists who are enthusiastic about their favorite franchise, combining classic craftsmanship with makeup artistry and other trade skills. Those who dedicate more time to perfecting their work for upcoming conventions are often invited to compete among others who are confident in the quality of their costumes.

Fan Expo has featured their Masters of Cosplay Grand Prix competition saga throughout an ongoing circuit of eight cities, deeming one determined cosplayer as a designated winner per division in each Grand Prix exhibition. Registration for Masters of Cosplay Grand Prix: The Windy City Qualifier remains open until 11:59 p.m. on June 26, 2022. Those who are interested in entering the competition are required to submit a digital registration form as there will not be on-site registration available at Fan Expo Chicago. Each division will be limited to 15 entrants and once the deadline for submission is passed, a waitlist will open for late applicants.

Those who are organizing the contest will hand-pick each contestant on a division-by-division basis. All interested parties are asked to register with their name or alternative nickname used for cosplay, their age, their division of interest, the character they are cosplaying, and to which series that character belongs to. They are invited to share their crafting process and attach reference photos of their character of choice. Additionally, photos of the cosplayer's work of progress are asked to be shared by the participant, and they are to provide an introductory statement for the Masters of Cosplay Grand Prix host to read during the event. Three divisions will be judged; novice, journeyman, and masters. Each presents its own set of criteria and qualifications. Major and minor awards will be presented.

Contestants will be judged by an assigned panel based on craftsmanship, detail, technical difficulty, ingenuity, and presentation. A maximum of three minutes will be permitted for each entrant's cosplay to be evaluated. The portrayal of each cosplayer's character will be taken into consideration when points are awarded. Every entrant that is accepted into the Masters of Cosplay Grand Prix event is required to appear on stage. Fan Expo HQ will provide a musical score that will accompany each cosplayer's time on stage. Prizes and awards will be distributed as followed:


$1000.00 USD and a trip to FAN EXPO Canada to compete in the Masters of Cosplay Grand Prix Finale. This includes round trip economy airfare + two nights' hotel stay. The winner must be in possession of a valid passport and be able to legally enter Canada.


$100.00 USD and a VIP Pass to FAN EXPO Chicago 2023.


$100.00 USD CAD and a VIP Pass to FAN EXPO Chicago 2023.


$100.00 USD and a VIP Pass to FAN EXPO Chicago 2023.


Certificate of Recognition.


Certificate of Recognition.


Certificate of Recognition.

Interested parties looking to participate in Masters of Cosplay Grand Prix: The Windy City Qualifier can submit registration forms here. Fan Expo Chicago 2022 arrives at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, Ill from July 7-10 2022. Premium Passes, Family Passes, 4-Day Passes, and Single Day Passes can be purchased here.


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