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Ethan Hawke Joins 'Moon Knight' Cast in Villainous Role

Marvel has taken the opportunity to continue to build upon its expanded universe by branching away from the "big name" heroes, villains, and anything in between by using Disney+ as a starting point for Phase 4. Though Oscar Isaac may be taking on the titular role, additional star power has been cast for Moon Knight.

There have been several incarnations of Moon Knight through comics that he has appeared in since 1975. From ex-Marine-turned-mercenary juggling a number of egos to being a conduit for Khonshu, the Egyptian moon god, one of Marc "Moon Knight" Spector's greatest challenges has been battling his multiple personality disorder, which could sit at the heart of the Disney+ series.

Actor Ethan Hawke will dip his toe into the superhero genre starting with Moon Knight, working opposite of Isaac's protagonist, and his comic book breakout role will set him up to be the series' villain. It is currently unknown who Hawke will play or which villain - or possible villains - could play a larger role in Moon Knight, and could weave themselves further throughout the new era of Marvel.

Moon Knight is anticipated to begin shooting in Budapest, Hungary, in March. There is no current release date for the Disney+ series.

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