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'Dusk' Spider-Man Spinoff Reportedly in Development

Sony could leave no stone unturned, sifting away at even the most obscure Spider-Man characters to bring to life on the big screen.

Through the canon of the comics, 'Dusk' a mantle worn by various characters while in the Negative Zone trying to take down Blastaar. The all-black suit is eventually donned by Peter "Spider-Man" Parker, and would again wear the costume during the Infinity Crisis story arc.

It has been reported that Sony has planned to develop a Dusk-centric movie, taking the obscure '90s character and expounding on his story. Though there is no word of any production team or talent involved in the next possible Spider-story, the inner workings of the film could build around Cassie St. Commons, who debuted in Slingers #0 in 1998. St. Commons, who was given the Dusk costume and name after joining the nomial Slingers, fell to her death. She, instead of dying, gains ghost-like abilities in the exchange of existing between life and death.

While there is no further confirmation or information to be currently noted about Dusk's workable stand-alone project, it is viable that the lesser-known character could make their appearance in the Sony Pictures Universe of Marvel Characters.

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