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Disney Still Has No Plans to Put 'Black Widow' on Streaming Services

Disney and Marvel Studio's resilience remains to be unwavering as they refuse to compromise the fate of their ongoingly delayed film.

Black Widow (2021) has faced the hardships of theatrical delays and in an effort to defy odds and ditch the Disney+ streaming option, still pushes forward for a theatrical release. This isn't the first time that the will-they-won't-they question has been pointed at Disney and Marvel Studios, and according to Disney CEO Bob Chapek, Black Widow is still headed to theaters rather than streaming.

The Hollywood Reporter disclosed that Chapek confirmed on an investor call that the prolonged superhero movie is still geared up for a theatrical debut, compared to a potential release on Disney+. However, Chapek also communicated that the studio would remain adaptable to its theatrical approach, addressing that reassessments would be made if and when they are necessary.

"We are still intending for it to be a theatrical release," Chapek said during Disney's quarterly earnings call this week, reassuring the company's dedication to releasing Black Widow cinematically before touching further on the company's evaluation of potential disabling factors, "We are going to be watching very carefully to see whether that strategy needs to be revisited."

Chapek may have been insistent that the superheroine film is intended to be seen on the big screen, there was no confirmation whether Disney and Marvel are to still latch onto the May 7 date, or if there was to be another pushback within the next few months. The May 7 release sits just over one year since the original May 1, 2020 release date that was formerly intended upon. The severity of the COVID-19 pandemic prompted for a change in dates to November 6, 2020, before there was the decision to once again incite a delay. Even though the changes seem drastic, an anonymous Marvel insider affirmed that "pushing Black Widow affects nothing on the MCU timeline."

Black Widow tentatively awaits its May 7, 2021 premiere date.

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