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Disney+ Day Given Date for Event

Disney+ joins the growing roster of expos, conventions, and promotional showcases to share a glimpse of what's to lie ahead for the streaming service.

This cross-promotional event will take place in November a day ahead of Comic-Con Special Edition and will highlight new Disney+ exclusive programming. The event celebrates the streaming service's second anniversary and plans to exhibit upcoming content for the company.

Disney CEO Bob Chapek describes Disney+ Day as "a balanced approach between global and local product." Home Swee Home Alone and the Premier Access fee-less Jungle Cruise will stream through Disney+ as a part of the festivities. Other incentives will be included in order to score new subscribers. "[Disney+ Day] gives us an opportunity to provide a focal point for consumers who may not have tripped over to Disney+," Chapek said.

There are already major projects in the pipeline for Disney+ shared between a number of studios that have been absorbed by The Walt Disney Company. Walt Disney Animation Studios is to release Baymax! on Disney+ in 2022 and Pixar is currently developing Win or Lose, its first long-form series, for the service as well. Both Marvel and Star Wars are preparing an abundance of media that can be found only through Disney+.

Chapek announced Disney+ Day during The Walt Disney Company's Q3 earnings call. Disney's Investor Day is known for bringing about a collection of series and specials that subscribers can look forward to, it's expected that this brand-new exhibition is to bring about exciting news for the corporation and its vast array of subsidaries. Disney+ Day airs on November 12, 2021.

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