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Diamond Comics and PREVIEWSworld to Partner with Mainframe Comic-Con for Online Fan Event.

Calling all comic book enthusiasts: Diamond Comics and PREVIEWSworld are joining forces with Mainframe Comic-Con for the biggest comic creator and celebrity fan event of the year.

While details have not been revealed to the public, it was leaked that Mainframe Comic-Con is returning this August for a comic creator based virtual convention that will be free to the public and will benefit The Hero Initiative.

The virtual convention space will consist of a LIVE:

  • Panel Hall

  • Exhibitor Hall

  • Vendor Hall

  • Publisher Hall

  • Cosplay Hall

  • Live Auction Hall

  • Artist Alley

"The 2-day event will feature hours and hours of LIVE Q&A panels in all it's virtual halls along with exclusive merchandise from Diamond Comics as well as exclusive comics from the top publishers in the industry," a Mainframe spokesperson revealed.


What we do know is that top comic book creators like Donnie Cates (Venom, Thor), Al Elwing (Immortal Hulk), Kevin Eastman (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) and Jock (Batman, Wytches) are on the guest list and with Mainframe's history of big-name guests such as Kevin Smith, David Harbour, and Clark Gregg, there is no doubt that some top-tier celebrity talent is sure to be in attendance.


Stay tuned to for more details.

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