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DCEU Screenwriter Explains Why Marvel is More Successful than DC

Marvel Studios has pocketed a gross total of nearly $23 billion at the box office over a 13-year-long Hollywood takeover. Drawing inspiration for its projects from the source of Marvel Comics, the studio has outmatched its number one rival, the DC Extended Universe, by nearly $18 million. The gap only widens on as the DCEU struggles to keep in stride, and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) David S. Goyer keeps this well in mind.

Goyer details the stifling rotation of DC executives that cycle in and out of the company that cuts back on the opportunity for the comic book studio to truly take off. He notes the consistency of Kevin Feige's overseeing the dawn of the Marvel Cinematic Universe since its launch. "I think one of the issues is that Marvel’s had consistent leadership for the last 15 years or more, whereas DC hasn’t," Goyer told The Hollywood Reporter. There have been all of these changes in terms of who is running DC. That is fundamentally very hard. It’s hard to make any headway when leadership is changing."

The screenwriter made a point of noting Marvel's dedication to remaining true to their comics, seeking them out to influence new projects. "One of the other things that’s made Marvel incredibly successful is all of their adaptations are true to the source material. Ant-Man feels like Ant-Man. The Hulk feels like the Hulk. They don’t try to change things up," he said. "I would say, try to hew closer to what was the original intent. So, it’s having a consistent universe, having consistent leadership, and staying true to the source material."

Batman v Superman is streaming through HBO Max and MCU can be found on Disney+. Both Marvel Studios and Warner Bros.' DCEU are refusing to slow down as they transition from one cinematic era to the next.

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