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DC Comics Might Give "Black Adam" A New Name

Warner Bros. is preparing to give Black Adam his own movie, but DC Comics may have other plans in mind for the character.

Bleeding Cool has ignited a new rumor that Black Adam will undergo the identity change to become Shazadam. Black Adam, who could be now known as Shazadam, was the villainous outcome of a crossover between Shazam and Captain Marvel created in 1945 by C.C. Beck and Otto Binder. The character, an ancient Egyptian ancestor of Captain Marvel, combated his way to reach modern times and confront the Marvel Family. Recently, he was reimagined as an antihero looking to clear both his reputation and his name.

As Shazadam, it appears that this character will be seen as a "good guy," heading the new Justice League #59, which will be written by Brian Michael Bendis. However, it's not concrete whether Black Adam will remain to be Black Adam, or if Bleeding Cool is simply running with a rumor. IGN counters Bleeding Cool's claim, saying that Bendis will not rename the character, citing Bendis' own response to the news that caught him by surprise.

Contrasting reports have both supported and denied the name change of Black Adam or Shazadam, including Bendis himself. Regardless of who the character will be known as in the future of DC Comics, Justice League #59 will be available for purchase on March 16, 2021.

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