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DC Comics Announces Pride Month Anthology

DC Comics announced that they will be joining in on Pride month, celebrating the LGBTQIA+ community by creating content for the occasion. They will release the upcoming DC Pride anthology comic, a Crush & Lobo comic miniseries, and Pride-themed variant covers.

LGBTQIA+ characters within the DC Universe will come together in the 80-page anthology comic, including cameos from characters such as Harley Quinn, Renee Montoya, Midnighter, Apollo, Poison Ivy, Constantine, Alan Scott, and Extraño. The first canonical appearance of Nia "Dreamer" Nal, Supergirl's transgender hero, will be included in a story that will be co-written by her CW actress Nicole Maines.

Variant covers will celebrate Pride through the month of June, and can be found for and by:

Batman #109 Pride variant cover by Jen Bartel

Crush & Lobo #1 Pride variant cover by Yoshi Yoshitani

DC Pride #1 Pride variant cover by Jen Bartel

Harley Quinn #4 Pride variant cover by Kris Anka

Nightwing #81 Pride variant cover by Travis G. Moore

Superman #32 Pride variant cover by David Talaski

Teen Titans Academy #4 Pride variant cover by Stephen Byrne

Wonder Girl #2 Pride variant cover by Kevin Wada


Wonder Woman #774 Pride variant cover by Paulina Ganucheau.

DC Comics won't be waiting until June to start releasing their Pride variants, DC Comics reports that "Crush & Lobo by Tamaki and Nahuelpan, spinning out of the pages of Teen Titans Academy, will debut with a cover by Kris Anka, a Pride variant cover by Yoshi Yoshitani, a 1:25 ratio variant by Christian Ward, plus an exclusive Dan Hipp team variant for participating retailers. In this new eight-issue miniseries publishing between June 2021 and January 2022, Crush, daughter of the Czarnian bounty hunter Lobo, is in full-on self-destruct mode! After rage-quitting the Teen Titans and blowing up her relationship with her girlfriend Katie, Crush decides it’s time to finally confront her father in space jail and get her baggage sorted before she wrecks everything. Like father, like daughter?"

GLAAD Media Award-nominee Suicide Squad: Bad Blood by Tom Taylor and Bruno Redondo was published on April 27, and the gothic LGBTQIA+ romance Poison Ivy: Thorns by Kody Keplinger and Sara Kipin will release on June 1. I Am Not Starfire, by Mariko Tamaki and Yoshi Yoshitani, will publish on June 27 as a later addition to DC's Pride event. This lineup does not complete the comic book publisher's Pride collection, and they look forward to growing their titles between now and June.

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