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'Daredevil' Stars Not Invited to Season 2 Premier

After calling out the racism on the set of Marvel's Daredevil, actors Peter Shinkoda, and Wai Ching Ho, were not invited to the premiere of Daredevil's second season.

Shinkoda, who had taken on the role of Nobu Yoshioka, said that the show declined to invite their Asian actors to the premier. The actor's character played a significant role as the leader of the Hand, a super-villain league prominent in both Daredevil and The Defenders.

Jeph Loeb, the former head of Marvel Television, was accused of his racist behavior during #SaveDaredevilCon, and it was claimed that his remarks specifically targeted cast of Asain decent. Writers were also forced to bench the idea of expanding on Yoshioka, Madame Gao, played by Wai Ching Ho, and their evolving stories. Shinkoda also quoted Loeb, saying that he informed he and his co-star that "nobody cares about Chinese people and Asian people."

After taking to Twitter, Shinkoda confirmed that he and Ching Ho were not invited to attend the launch of season 2 of their own series. His tweet"[Wai Ching Ho] aka [Madame Gao] and I, [Nobu] of [Daredevil] weren't at the season 2 premiere...because we weren't invited." His Tweet went on to say that "Wai was insulted...and that pissed me off A LOT. We found out about the event as it live-streamed. 'They' were sorry we were 'overlooked.'"

The Defenders introduced a new head of the Hand played by Sigourney Weaver, replacing both Shinkoda and Ching Ho in the team-up show, and discarding both of their characters, which left fans confused as questions about the sudden change remained left unanswered until now. Loeb has been demerited for his prejudice not only through Daredevil and The Defenders but through his inappropriate and inexcusable approach to Asian culture.

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