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'Cuphead' to Release New Netflix Series

Netflix is planning to release a show starring titular brothers Cuphead and Mugman from the smash hit 2017 game Cuphead. There isn't much known about the video game's series yet, but the possibilities look promising for a fun new extension of the game.

Those who are not too familiar with gaming may be asking themselves just what Cuphead is. In short, it's a game that’s about making a deal with the devil. We're dead serious -The devil is the final boss! It’s nuts! Cuphead first released in September 2017 and is a side-scrolling run-and-gunner that has sold over 5 million copies (as of 2019, which is beyond impressive for a game developer not owned by a big company). It’s nearly all hand-animated so every single animated frame of the game was made entirely by an artist who "drew it on paper, before being inked and ultimately inserted into the game. The only part of the process that was digital was the coloring" - according to an article by theverge - and the game also takes heavy inspiration from 1920s Fleischer style cartoons; like Betty Boop.

Currently, there’s not much information about the new Netflix show but the show will be “following the misadventures of the impulsive Cuphead and his cautious but persuadable brother.” At best guess, perhaps it’ll be similar to the old shows of the '20s, however, while the game has a lot of adult content (cigars, alcohol, the devil, etc.) the show is under the Netflix genre of “Kids’ TV” so perhaps it’ll be more akin to the newer renditions of Looney Toons or Disney’s 2017 DuckTales and perhaps less debauchery.

That being said, here’s what we do know: according to it’ll be a single season, 11 episodes, each roughly 10 minutes long. The voice cast includes Frank Todaro as Mugman, Tru Valentino as Cuphead, and Joe Hanna as Elder Kettle. “It has already been confirmed that the series won’t have such meticulous detail as the video game", said co-game creator and series co-executive Chad Moldenhauer, "we want to avoid as much computer-assisted animation as possible.”

Unfortunately, there’s no release date as of yet. However, it is marked for 2021 on Netflix and the show did get an official reveal on June 15, 2020, as part of the Annecy International Animated Film Festival (currently available to watch on On June 26, 2020, a teaser trailer dropped which is available to watch via Youtube.

By Nicholas James

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