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Crown Championships of Cosplay to Return at C2E2 2022

Cosplay has been one of the many spectacles found at any comic convention, though the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo elevates cosplay as an art form and as a communal connection. ReedPop has introduced an international cosplay competition that embraces the universal love of costuming: The Cosplay Central Crown Championships. Dual competitive cosplay networks in Europe and North America will conjoin into a singular entity.

The EuroCosplay Championships traditionally featured at MCM London Comic Con will overlap with the Crown Championships of Cosplay that take place at C2E2. The Crown Championships branch will proceed to be hosted by C2E2 and finalists will journey to MCM London Comic Con in October 2022 for the ultimate cosplay contest. Per the official synopsis of judging criteria provided by C2E2, "entrants for the Cosplay Central Crown Championships will be able to choose between recreating a character design and being judged for accuracy or creating their own design based on a recognizable pop-culture character and being judged on the design and interpretation of their given starting point. The ability for cosplayers to choose their own competition path embraces the full scope of cosplay creativity."

Judges will meticulously examine the craftsmanship of each entrant's submission, and by the conclusion of the presentation, one winner will be deemed. This regional victor will then display their work against contestants at Florida Supercon, New York Comic Con, and Emerald City Comic Con. Selected cosplayers will then join their international peers at the world's largest cosplay competition. Rules for the Crown Champion of Cosplay can be accessed here. C2E2 returns to the McCormick Place off of the lakefront in downtown Chicago from August 5th to August 7th, 2022. VIP Tickets, 3-Day Tickets. and 1-Day Tickets can be purchased here.


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