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'Constantine' Reboot in the Works at HBO Max

John Constantine is making his return, and this DC Comics anti-hero's reboot is daring to take a brand-new take for the streaming service.

Deadline and The Illuminerdi have both reported that J.J. Abrams' Bad Robot Productions will take on a new reinvention of Constantine, moving on from actor Matt Ryan's run as the occult detective for NBC from 2014 to 2015. Centered around Constantine and less on the religious aspects that supplement who he is, the logline for the series reads that the show will feature a "darker reinvention of the character, that will be different from any previous project based on the character. It will be less focused on religion, and more focused on the horror elements from the Constantine comics."

It is understood by Deadline that Abrams' production company will work with WarnerMedia on the reboot, depicting Constantine as a young Londoner. Currently, a lead is being sought after, and there are hopes to bring diversity to the role. More specifically, it's an actor 'similar to a young Riz Ahmad' that the studio is pursuing for the next face of the British exorcist, occult detective, and supernatural hunter.

There is no production schedule planned out yet, or no release dates to be announced, and it's easy to predict that it'll be some time before any update arrives regarding the series and how it will proceed to move forward. Regardless of how distant the HBO Max and Bad Robot DC Comics project is, the new addition into the DC Extended Universe has the means to be an intriguing series as Constantine is reconditioned for a new age.

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