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Comic Icon Teaches "The Language of Making Comics"

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

Comic legend Howard Chaykin has spent 50 years creating comics for the world's top publishers. And he's now offering fans and creators a chance to learn from his experience in a series of private virtual classes through Talent Talk.

CLICK HERE to watch the first online class for free, then go to and take it higher with Paradigm II and Paradigm III.


THE PARADIGM is Howard Chaykin’s tutorial/history lesson on the structure of the comics page, and how moving objects through space and time creates STORY.

Writer/artist Howard Chaykin has 50 years of experience in comics and television. He’s won awards with American Flagg!, continues to challenge audiences with Hey, Kids, Comics!, and yes, even drew the original Star Wars comics. In this visual demonstration, Chaykin walks participants through PARADIGM, the perfect and archetypal visual to illustrate the hidden language, syntax, and vocabulary of comics and the comics page.

Chaykin’s Paradigm classes are not prerecorded YouTube videos or seminars you just silently watch. These are live, interactive classes in an intimate and friendly Zoom video setting where you get to ask Chaykin questions and he gets to see YOUR work in real-time.


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