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Chris Evans Nears Deal to Return to Marvel

Despite the seeming end of his journey with Marvel Studios as Steve "Captain America" Rogers in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, actor Chris Evans may dust off his shield sooner than expected.

Insiders report that though the details are vague, Evans is close to closing a deal with Marvel where he would reprise his role for at least one more film, with the potential to add more appearances. It's added that the chances are unlikely that Evans' possible new appearance won't be another installment in the Captain America franchise, but that he will follow the lead of actor Robert Downey Jr., after Iron Man 3 (2013) where his beloved Tony "Iron Man" Stark became more of a secondary character and not a titular frontman.

Evans had seemed adamant that the final events of Avengers: Endgame (2019) were his bow out from Captain America after passing along the shield to Sam "Falcon" Wilson (Anthony Mackie) and deciding to return to the past. In recent months, the proposal of Captain America's return was passed around, leading Evans to become more and more interested, leaving the actor and the studio to discuss an agreement.

How Evans will work his way back into the MCU, is unclear yet, but Marvel is known for reworking old characters into new plots. Now that Marvel has its own corner of Disney+ carved out, there's no limiting how the Star-Spangled Man with a Plan could mark his return. Excitement mixes with confusion among fans, but one Captain America quote holds true: he can do this all day. Marvel has yet to comment. Evans has responded to the rumors in a Tweet that seems to debunk them:

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