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C2E2 To Return for Late Summer Convention in 2022

As if fans weren't looking forward to the mid-December event, C2E2 announces that it will return to Chicago - just not in the winter months.

If you were worried like I was this year's C2E2 dates were going to stick Chicago in an endless cycle of December conventions, you can breathe easy. ReedPop just announced that their dates for the 2022 C2E2 will be AUGUST 5-7.

As a Chicagoan, I can say that August is just about the best weather for the city and we couldn't be more pleased with this announcement.

Fans have been a little underwhelmed with the lineup at this year's C2E2, but it's completely understandable, nay, responsible that celebrities and comic creators are still waiting out the COVID-Storm before returning to the con floor. It's also to be expected that the folks at ReedPop were doing their very best to give fans at least some sort of convention in the year 2021, but a convention securing dates in August tells us two things: they're still playing it safe with regards to COVID, and they have heard us and don't plan to make December the permanent home for C2E2.

Does this news move your nerd needle? We'd love to hear from you in the comment section!


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