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C2E2 2021 Announces Artist Alley Guests

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

The announcements just keep on coming as they lead up to the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo. With only four weeks until the big event, fans were beginning to speculate how big the show might actually be this year, given the small crowds at other conventions around the country. It seems COVID-19 is not stopping this juggernaut from putting on a massive show this year.

Artist Alley, one of the biggest draws of the annual fan convention, is one area of the show that was of particular concern for fans this year. C2E2 recently published their preliminary list of artists in the convention space and the number is staggering! An impressive total of 270 names has been announced for Artist Alley to vend at this year's convention.

The list is a bit difficult to find on the C2E2 website, so here is a link

Some of the big names on the list include David Mack, Dustin Nguyen, Gene Ha, Jenny Frison, Katie Cook, Matt Hawkins, Ryan Browne, Tim Seeley, Tom Richmond, and many others.

We still expect a good amount of announcements to come from the folks at C2E2, so be sure to visit the website often, and check back here on Chuck Load of Comics for daily C2E2 updates.


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