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C2E2 2022 Show Floor Guides Ease to Pre-Con Stress

Conventions of any shape or size may feel daunting and ambitious from the outside in, and a convention center brimming with showgoers and attractions alike can become easily disorientating. The Chicago Comics and Entertainment Expo claims its rightful home in McCormick Place, locally recognized as one of the premiere convention halls within inner-city Chicago, Ill. Its massive statute alongside a cityscape begging to be explored may come across as overwhelming to those who are eager to finally indulge in C2E2 for themselves or find themselves returning on a yearly basis. Pre-show planning can become incredibly stressful as the convention draws nearer by the day. Not everyone's convention experience will be the same - C2E2 2022 show floor guides offer insight as to how to navigate ReedPop's return to the Windy City.

Those attending with children may feel an extra strain in making sure their visit to C2E2 2022 is as seamless as possible. Children ages six to 12 are able to attend with Kids 3-Day tickets that grant them access to the show floor for a reduced price. Any child who is six-year-old or under is invited to attend C2E2 free of charge. In the case where a child is repeated from a family member, friend, or guardian, C2E2 team members and security will work diligently to locate any missing party members. ReedPop advises writing a mobile phone number or any contact information on the child's admission badge. Unfortunately, no on-site child care is provided by C2E2, ReedPop employees, or the venue staff.

ReedPop and C2E2 recognize the value of cosplay and its importance to the convention community. For those who are preparing to debut a new costume, it is advised that it is tried on prior to the convention to ensure that it is accessible to move in, fits comfortably, and any alterations can be made before it is worn publically. Because C2E2 self-identifies as a family event, "cosplay consciousness" is expected to be taken into consideration. Cosplay Central is set to return as a main show floor attraction and will have a Cosplay Repair Team waiting to come to the aid of any costume emergency. A Cosplay Central live stage will offer informative programming that reiterates that cosplay is for everyone, despite race, creed, or religion.

C2E2 2022 may look and feel unfamiliar to anyone who is attending a convention for the first time. Be prepared that the show floor births overstimulation of the senses - sights, sounds, and smells are aligned with various activities to see and do. The show floor is designed to be walked on foot or rolled through by wheelchair. Comfortable and supportive shoes are highly advised as the McCormick Place is vastly expansive. Deodorant is also recommended on a necessary basis. Convention attendees should consider carrying a refillable water bottle, light snacks, rechargeable portable battery pack, and their event ticket with them at all times. Official C2E2 Discord Channels and a Facebook group connect veteran convention attendees with newcomers to the show floor. Using mobile phone alarms and reminders for each panel assists in making sure they're able to be attended. C2E2 is a showcase for cosplayers on all levels -- ask before taking pictures of anyone if you're an admirer of their work. The official C2E2 mobile app is a show floor guide held in the palm of a hand.

Conventions are a great place to meet a favorite actor, artist, or pop culture entertainment media personality. When arriving for an autograph, ReedPop staff will assist conventiongoers by directing them into their relevant lines. Autograph tickets will be scanned before autograph recipients can either choose from the talent's items to be signed or present one of their own. Autograph tickets can be purchased on-site if they have sold out previously online. Saving a copy of an online confirmation of any photo or autograph op is highly recommended. Carrying cash, as well as a debit or credit card, is advised. Photo ops will also have C2E2 staff directing lines. Once it is time for the photo op, greet the talent, choose a pose, and go to collect the printed glossy 8x10 photograph. A professional photographer will be behind the camera for all photo ops. While waiting in line, it's a great time to prepare what will be said to the talent in the photo. Guests are happy to chat with convention-goers while respecting other patrons' time who may be just as eager to meet them. There is a strong discouragement against inappropriate behavior or harassment of guests; personal boundaries are expected to be respected.

C2E2 2022 opens its doors on August 5th through August 7th, 2022. VIP Tickets, 3-Day Admission, Single Day Admission, and Digital tickets can be purchased online or in-person at select retailers. Can't make it? Safely sell tickets through the Lyte Ticket Exchange.


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