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'Bo Burnham: Inside' Featured in One-Night-Only Theatrical Showing

Actor and comedian made his return to his specials after a five-year hiatus, with his pandemic piece Bo Burham: Inside. Initially run as a Netflix original, the musical comedy special will screen theatrically for one night only.

Burham, 30, has been in the public eye since his YouTube debut at the age of 16, where his bleak comedy is accompanied by keyboard compostions. Burnham then branched off from YouTube once the short-form video-sharing app, Vine, surged in popularity from 2013 t0 2017. The comedian took to uploading skits and brief compositions through the platform. His breakout special, what., was followed by Words Words Words and Make Happy. Burnham found his start in film through his screenwriting-directing debut for A24's Eight Grade (2018). He starred in Emerald Fennel's Oscar-winning Promising Young Woman (2020) and Zack Stone Is Gonna Be Famous (2013).

Bo Burnham: Inside released on May 30, documenting Burnham's interpretations of current global events, the COVID-19 pandemic, the realities of the modern age, and his ongoing struggles with mental health. Presenting itself as a lighthearted comedy illustrating the daily life of living in quarantine, Burnham's catchy melodies are darkened by the unforgiving harshness of his clever lyricism. This black comedy can be caught in theaters nationwide on July 22, 2020, presented by Netflix and Iconic Events. Tickets for this limited event can be found here.

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