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Blumhouse Promises Sneak Peeks and Surprises at BlumFest

Most major in-person events were either canceled or faced rescheduling as the risk of the COVID-19 pandemic caused anxiety around crowds gathering in high volumes in high capacities. Blumhouse Productions chose to move their first-ever BlumFest, a celebration of Blumhouse Productions, online. Opting to return virtually, BlumFest teases "surprises and sneak peeks."

Halloween Kills is easily Blumhouse's most anticipated release of 2021, but the studio may refrain from channeling its focus entirely on a popular piece so close to its premiere date. There's not expected that any major promotional means will be placed on Halloween Kills as it arrives a short two weeks after BlumFest streams. For Halloween fans, the idea of ruling out a glimpse of Michael Meyers isn't dismissed yet. Halloween Ends is slated for October 2022. With over a year to go until the saga concludes, Blumhouse could tease the series' final chapter.

"BlumFest, the annual event for Blumhouse fans, returns virtually for a second year in celebration of the company’s favorite holiday, Halloween. This year's event will feature conversations with filmmakers and actors from upcoming Blumhouse films and television series, with plenty of surprises and sneak peeks for fans. We are making BlumFest even bigger this year by giving away some crazy sh-t! If you're feeling lucky, you may have a chance to win prizes like movie tickets, one-of-a-kind autographed merch, and maybe the chance to pitch your movie or TV idea to a couple of VIPs," Blumhouse said in an official description of their event.

BlumFest will share its October 1st spot with the debut of its first two films for "Welcome to Blumhouse," programming designed for Amazon Prime Video. Bingo Hell (2021) and Black as Night (2021) will be followed by Madres (2021) and The Manor (2021) only a week later on the same platform.

The Black Phone, Paranormal Activity 7, and Halloween Ends are currently marked down on Blumhouse's 2022 calendar, and there is a possibility that BlumFest will provide more information regarding these productions. Other rumored projects that are hoped to be confirmed, if not elaborated upon, are The Exorcist sequel, Firestarter, Spawn, an Insidious sequel, and a television series adapted from the 2018 film Upgrade. These select titles are only a handful pulled from other rumored and confirmed works.

BlumFest arrives on October 1, 2021, and the promises to scare up more studio thrills. Halloween Kills slashes its way into theaters on October 15, 2021.

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