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'Black Widow' Release Date May Move... Again

Marvel Studios has taken a serious hit due to the pandemic shuffling release dates and filming schedules around, and it's no secret that Black Widow has taken the hardest blows. Following its already-moved release date, which Marvel still insists will be in theaters, Black Widow could be subject to yet another postponement.

Deadline reported on a similar situation regarding Wonder Woman 1984, which was plucked from its October release date and dropped somewhere in November. It was also noted by the outlet that "there is a possibility we could see Wonder Woman 1984 going somewhere in November — yes, November. There are whispers, and Disney would not confirm today, that its Marvel movie Black Widow could move from its November 6 release date."

Unrelatedly and unconfirmed, Black Widow may skip a theatrical premier and may be released directly onto VOD, specifically Disney+, much like Mulan and Artemis Fowl chose to do. There have also been screenshots of a Black Widow synopsis on the popular VOD website Movies Anywhere.

Neither Marvel nor Disney have spoken up yet about the unpredictable fate of Black Widow, which will push the Russian assassin to the front of her own overdue origin story, tying her roots together with the events between Captain America: Civil War and Avengers: Infinity War, all the while introducing new characters.

It's entirely possible that the film could be pushed back into December, surrendering its November spot at the box office, and consequently delaying the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. If this late autumn spot is sacrificed, the slate of movies that will follow will suffer from a delay for the second time. If Marvel and Disney do exchange dates for a December release and forfeit November to Wonder Woman 1984, they could block too closely to Eternals, still standing in its February 2021 spot. There still is the option to allow fans to stream from home straight from Disney+. Disney could give in and digitally premier their latest Marvel blockbuster, or choose to delay their entire franchise again.


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