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'Black Widow' May Receive New Release Date

After white-knuckling the November 6 release date for longer than anticipated, it is assumed that Marvel may once again push back the release of their Black Widow standalone.

Deadline had reported hearing talk amongst Disney's team which could imply that another delay rests on the horizon for Black Widow, before gearing up to release their newest film internationally. The brevity of hope was only a glint in Disney's eyes, as the studio is left to reconsider their late autumn premier.

Variety reports that it is likely that Disney and Marvel will delay that early November slot. Neither Marvel nor Disney have commented on the next move for them.

The studio is sending out mixed signals, tweeting about Black Widow for the first time in five months, and hinting at the release of the movie in countries such as India. There could still be an international release running alongside a statewide Disney+ premier. It is unclear if Black Widow will wind up earning the theatrical release it worked so hard for, if it will release on Disney+. Either way, the studio is preparing for some sort of launch.


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