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'Black Widow' Listed on VOD Service

There have been gambles, bets, and predictions made about the fate of Marvel's latest film, Black Widow, and where it would ultimately land in terms of its premier. After its delay from its May 1 release slate, fans have been pushing for a Disney+ debut, whereas it is still projected to release in theaters on November 6.

Both Disney and Marvel have firmly planted their feet in the ground and stubbornly white-knuckled the tradition of theatrical release. They were just as insistent about Mulan, which will now be accessible through Disney+ for an additional fee over the monthly subscription price tag.

Over 80% of Marvel fans, who had recorded their responses through an official poll, had said that they would rather watch Black Widow from the comfort of their homes. This means that with Black Widow falling into the hands of another VOD doesn't seem to bother the general public - they just want to watch the film somehow.

Movies Anywhere have already listed the movie on their site, with the November 6 release date, as reported by Jeremy Conrad of MCU Cosmic.

An automated listing has similarly been posted for Mulan, which also received an updated release date, standing as a tell-tale sign of what may be to come. Disney has not explicitly spoken up on the streaming site acquiring Black Widow, as it's still importuned by Disney and Marvel that their movie will hit silver screens in the late fall.

The signs still remain unclear about the future of the stand-alone solo film that has been awaited by fans for over a decade, but there is a chance that the highly demanded movie is gearing up to release VOD.

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