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'Black Widow' Expected for Another Delay

Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is already set into motion after the first two episodes of WandaVision premiered on Disney+. WandaVision wasn't the one to first bear the honor of breaking in Marvel's next chapter. It was supposed to be Black Widow, that suffered multiple delays, and might suffer one more.

Due to the sweep of the COVID-19 pandemic restricting the abilities of movie theaters to remain open, and if they do, abide by specific limitations, the theatrical release of big-name blockbusters were stifled significantly. Marvel's entire Disney+ slate seems to remain untouched by the ongoing health crisis, but it's their cinematic releases that the studio still remains unsure about.

Variety reported on the fate of Black Widow among other significant movies set to release cinematically in 2021. "As for 'Black Widow', expect the 2020 delay treatment should the theater situation not improve over the spring. Since it's the first 2020s film from the franchise that propelled the studio to a now fictional-seeming $11 billion global gross in 2019, another delay before a last-ditch Disney+ release is more likely to occur," Variety said, contradicting their earlier report.

With different reports on how Black Widow will be treated upon its eventual release, there is no concrete answer as to how Disney and Marvel will decide to move forward, seeing that there has been no official statement issued. The superheroine movie could follow HBO Max's lead and stream on Disney+ while being shown in theaters. It could also gamble on a strictly cinematic premier, or could be watched on Disney+ for the cost of a premium fee. As of now, Black Widow white-knuckles its May 7, 2021 date.

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