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'Batman: The Animated Series' Reboot to Happen, According to Kevin Smith

1992 beloved animated classic, heralded for its directing, writing, and characterization Batman: The Animated Series aired for three seasons, but still has the possibility of a return.

Considered by many to be the definitive version of the Caped Crusader, Batman: The Animated Series was released on HBO Max along with Batman Beyond (1999-2001) earlier this month. The impact of Batman: The Animated Series on animation cannot be understated, as it was the first comic adaptation to emphasize the importance of strong dialogue and even stronger characters. Besides impressive elements that constructed the show, the tragic origin of Mr. Freeze was brought to small screens, and Harley Quinn was shown seeking chaos alongside the Joker. Iconic voice work still remains to be wildly popular today, with Kevin Conroy's Batman being a favorited interpretation of Bruce Wayne, and Mark Hamill's Joker is still unmatched. Batman: The Animated Series launched a successful DC Animated Universe that can out-shine a cinematic restate.

Fatman Beyond podcast co-host Kevin Smith said that he had caught wind of a rumor of Batman: The Animated Series having a revival in the works. The conversation was prompted by co-host Marc Bernardin mentioning a similar rumor that he had heard, that HBO Max was to create a sequel to Batman: The Animated Series. Smith threw more kindling onto the rumor, and said that he's heard the same from "very reliable people." Smith said that his source on the "BTAS reboot potential" is the one who told him about Batman: Soul of the Dragon some time back.

Neither statement serves as a confirmation that Batman: The Animated Series is to make its return, though Smith claims that his source has been reliable in the past. The series could pick up where it left off and could take shape as more of a sequel than a reboot. It would be hopeful that past voice actors, such as Conroy and Hamill, would express interest to return. With no comment from Warner Bros., DC Comics, or HBO Max, it still leaves a potential revival of Batman: The Animated Series to remain as a rumor.

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