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“Batman Beyond" May Influence the Newest PS5 Batman Game

As the Playstation Event prepares to launch, and many eager fans gearing up to tune in to the live stream by the company that rests on the horizon, new leaks slip through the surface of the Internet that Sony can’t step in to take down, including the latest leak: a Next-Gen Batman game that hints at ties to Batman Beyond series.

Following the Batman: Arkham Origins game, the same developers are rumored to have set their sites on a new Batman game, this time, taking a stab at the Batman Beyond arc. There are other speculations that the game could be drawing its influence from the cartoon aired by Kids’ WB in the infant years of the 2000s, when a successful DC Animated Universe retold the story of Bruce Wayne passing the Batman mantle on to his young protege, a high schooler who would become Gotham’s new guardian.


A Reddit user under the tag u/thirstyleaker13 had uploaded this image to the website, which presents the game not only to be accessible on the PlayStation 4 but on the PlayStation 5, which will unveil tomorrow. The well-known and famous Batman insignia sits above the supposed title, ‘Capture the Knight,’ and can be assumed to be legitimate due to the proximity to the game’s possible announcement.

It isn’t precisely known how or if the Batman Beyond series will play into the PS5’s slate of games, or if the logo in the leaked screenshot is more than a generous tip of the hat towards Bruce Wayne. Batman Beyond is known for its quality in both plots and in voice acting, with the ever-beloved Kevin Conroy behind the cowl as the resigned Batman. Though the cartoon hung up its cape in 2001, fans still plead in high demand for a fourth season of the television show.


The PlayStation Batman games have been set in high regard, and the Arkham Universe could see more to come quite soon. Those who are fond of Terry McGinnis are holding their breath for a formal announcement, with fingers crossed that a high-rendered Neo-Gotham is just a few hours away. With the PS5’s upgraded software, there’s a promising outlook on what Sony Entertainment might deliver, and for what’s in store for gamers across the globe.

Batman Beyond or not, it seems that we’re not beyond Batman just yet as DC pounces on the iconic frontman vigilante. Regardless of the plot, series, or influence that the game borrows from, there’s a probable outlook that the new Batman game will be anticipated during the PlayStation 5 reveal today.

Story by: Annie Banks


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