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Bang Zoom! Studios to Host Casting Call at ACen 2023

Updated: Apr 30, 2023

The entertainment industry has been known for its vast creativity, filled with endless roles designed for artists to grow within their craft of choice. While there are seemingly endless possibilities for working in entertainment, it feels nearly impossible to find a way in when launching a career. The performing arts - voice acting in particular - has come across as an intimidating and cut-throat career in mass media entertainment. Those who are constantly looking to take their talent to a professional level may find themselves stuck when searching for their breakthrough.

Fortunately, Anime Central and Bang Zoom! Studios have teamed up to make the voice acting audition process a little more accessible. Anime Central, or ACen, has been recognized as one of the largest anime and manga conventions in the Midwest. For their 2023 convention, ACen has welcomed Bang Zoom! Studios to the convention floor as one of their Industry and Convention Partners.

During the convention, Bang Zoom! Studios will be hosting open casting calls for potential voice actors, where they'll be offering a chance for participants to win a trip to Los Angeles, Calif., to record at their studios. Bang Zoom! Studios has partnered with industry names such as Marvel, Disney, The Pokemon Company, Sony Entertainment, and more while working on titles such as CW' The Flash, and League of Legends. Additionally, they've held a prominent role in the anime industry, touching titles such as Beserk, Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, JoJos Bizarre Adventure, Kill la Kill, seasons one and two of Mob Psycho 100, One-Punch Man, and more. Further information about open casting calls will be shared at Anime Central 2023 from Bang Zoom! Studios.

Attendee Registration for Anime Central can be found here. Any attendee who identifies as a convention runner, industry professional, anime organization runner, et cetera are encouraged to fill out the Professional Registration Form to receive a discount on their convention admission. School Groups and Service Members qualify for discounted rates on their attendance at Anime Central 2023. Those registering for a designated table in the Artist Alley or Exhibitor Hall are directed to register through the Registration Service Center after submitting applications for either region of the convention floor. Approved parties for Artist Alley and the Exhibitor Hall will receive emails detailing how to claim their badges in the Service Center. Artists, exhibitors, and panelists should not register on the Attendee Registration page.

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